Erotic litterature for nutters, episode 2.

Two years ago, I discovered the existence of an erotic litterature subcategory of a rather bizarre genre. I’ve recently discovered this strange genre seems to be in the middle of a boost, so I had to tell you about it. Some of the titles are just plain crazy (just like me !)

You can find a short resume of the books by clicking on their covers (which will open a new browser window). There are even extracts you can read – if you really have nothing better to do of your precious time !

Let’s start with Werecake (I’m not kidding!), by Rosa Steel. This artist lives in Sydney with her non-werecake lover and her two rats, who are named Cat & Dog (I promise you I’m still not kidding!)



But the great star of this genre is obviously none other than Catherine Devore, so let’s talk about her, because this lady has many strings to her bow. For example, the following opus is targeted at lactation fanatics.


This one is for fantastic creature freaks, apparently


And this one is for tentacle enthusiasts


The resume of which is just hilarious, by the way (« June suddenly finds herself face-to-faceless mask with a tall, tentacled man who wants nothing more than to invade her every orifice »).

Catherine also touches on more « normal » erotica subcategories (gangbangs, costume fetishes …) of course, but the sexual adventures of a faceless tentacled man would seem to me quite irresistible in comparison.


There are also « fantasy fantasies »,



pirate stories,



to sum it up, it’s a real



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